Having always been intrigued by the human body and the relationship it has to space, the artwork 'Goes A Long Way' is an expression of both the fragility of life and the enormity of the human experience. 

Size of artwork: (w) 115 cm x (h) 85 cm
Medium: Pigment Ink on Archival Paper 
As I kept coming back to the definition of the word Solidarity, each time, the word meant differently. During these trying times, beautiful lives were lost, amidst other things. The ability for people to come together during such unprecedented times and to put their own lives before another’s is truly a testament to being human.

The 14,000 hand-drawn detailed depiction of the human form fills the paper while creating an illusion of a painting when looked at from a distance. Each drawing, unique and unlike the other, draws the observer into the work, allowing them to possess a God-like experience while being consumed by the composition. I hope for the work to look back at its viewers while providing them the space to actualize and absorb the world that they have created around them.

Like the saying ‘A little goes a long way’, the hope for this work is to realize that as small as we may be in this vast universe, the changes that we attain are significant.
This piece was shortlisted to the final round for the UOB Painting of The Year Competition, one of the longest-running art competition, and most recognised in Southeast Asia.