Artist Statement 

Being raised in a spiritual environment, the human body plays a large role in my spiritual practice. I became enamored with exploring the essence of human mortality and the body encompassing, embodying it into an art form. My work primarily focuses on intricate line drawings and sculptures that examine the relationship between space, body, and occupancy.  I believe that the endless questioning for the meaning of life is its permanence of a beginning and an end and the intervening time between. Intrigued by that idea, I began broadening my approach by deconstructing the understanding of life through an abstract standpoint. The lines in my work are a mode of documentation tracing the intimate journey of the human body. It is a continuous exploration of the ever-changing human experience. With every person’s unique perspective in life, each work would be interpreted differently by individuals through the resonance of their memories. 

The idea of the void is very closely linked to the human mind, thus the need to identify one’s self with a place, or space. (Bachelard, 1969)


2014 - Blue The Exhibition - Walcot Chapel, Bristol, United Kingdom

2014 - Bath Fringe Arts Festival - Bath, United Kingdom

2015 - CAP Exhibition - Dartmouth Avenue, Bath, United Kingdom

2016 - The Rooster Shed - Devonshire Arms Pub, Devon, United Kingdom

2017 - Tennis Court Exhibition - Sion Hill Gallery, Bath, United Kingdom

2017 - BA Fine Art/Contemporary Arts Degree Show - Bath Spa University, Bath, United Kingdom

2017 - Stock - OXO Bargehouse South Bank Street, London, United Kingdom

2017 - Art Galleria - 54th Street, Yangoon, Myanmar

2020 - Virtue(al) - Online Virtual Exhibition by Artomovement, KL, Malaysia

2020 - ‘Fight COVID -19’ Exhibition - ASEDAS, ASEAN Countries 

2020 - ‘New Normal” Online Art Exhibition - Zhan Art Gallery, KL, Malaysia

2020 - ‘Synergy” (DigiFest'20) The 7th Edition by Durban University of Technology's Art & Design Festival 

Curated Exhibition

2020 - MEMENTO - Digital Exhibition

Awards & Prize

2014 - Distinction Award Bursary - Bath Spa University

2015 - Student Innovation and Enterprise Award - Bath Spa University

2016 - Tote Bag Design Competition Winner - UCAS, United Kingdom

2017 - First Class Honours Award - Bath Spa University

Nomination & Shortlists

2017 - Young Sculpture Prize Award - Kenneth Armitage Foundation (Nominee), United Kingdom

2020 - UOB Painting Of The Year Award (Finalist) - South East Asia

Online Exposure + Workshops

2019 - Art Tutoring & Workshop at Phnom Penh Centre - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2020 - Collective Online - Turkey

2020 - ASEDAS Art Collective Member


2020 - Multiverse: Volume I - Poems Lucy Reef

Media Reviews and Articles - Exhibitions

2020 - Virtu(al) by Artomovement - Virtual Exhibition on The Malaysian Reserve News (link)

2020 - ASEDAS - 'Fight Covid' Exhibition - Asean Digital Art Society by Bernama Tinta Minda & Tribun Jabar (link) (link)

2020 - Telum Media PR Article on 'Our Memento' Exhibition Opening (link)

2021 - Cendana - Cultural Economy Development Agency: Lensa Seni Review on 'Our Memento' Digital Exhibition by Lim Jack Kin (link)

2021 - Varnam Malaysia - Malaysia Digital Media Platform For Malaysia Indian Community - Article Review / PR on 'Our Memento' Digital Exhibition (link)

2021 - Cendana - Cultural Economy Development Agency: Lensa Seni Review on 'Our Memento' Digital Exhibition by Hamidah Abd Rahman (link)